Best Home Gym Equipment For Weight Loss

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Whilst we’d all love to consistently be able to attend a gym three to four days a week, the reality is our busy lives typically restrict the time we have available. There is however, a soloution – and with our tips and advice we’ll ensure you get off to a great start on your search for the best home gym equipment to help you lose weight. Despite the initial start up fee, owning a home gym is incredibly beneficial, allowing you to workout from the comfort of your own home, at whatever time you like – without having to wait for machine availability.

besthomegymequipmentforweightlossLifespan Fitness Gold TreadmillTreadmill – Possibly the most universally recognized weight loss aid amongst households is the treadmill, and for good reason – THEY WORK! Allowing both variety and versatility throughout your workouts, most new models enable you to record calories burned, monitor heart rate and record distance traveled in an allotted time. The ability to control incline and speed provide a universal experience for the user, from beginner to fitness trainer; they can match your level of fitness. Amongst burning calories, treadmills stabilize blood pressure, strengthen the heart and increase metabolism.

Rowing Machine – Rowers exist in a variety of forms; from the basic ‘hydraulic driven’ rower, Lifespan Fitness Rowerto the top of the range cable rowers, which virtually mimic real life rowing; rowers are now made available to a wide audience. Their intention? To provide you with a ‘full body workout’, through activation of the back, abdomen, arm, cardiovascular, shoulder and leg muscles; of course adjustable to individual fitness abilities.  Whilst technique is a little more difficult to learn than treadmills, they help promote muscular strength, endurance and aerobic capacity; offering more than a calorie burning soloution.

Elliptical/Cross Trainer – Somewhat of an emerging piece of gym equipment is the elliptical, particularly amongst women. Similar to a rowing machine workout, you receive a resistance workout, as well as a cardiovascular workout – without of course the strain on your joints which some may experience using a treadmill. For those who aren’t inclined to spend half an hour a day running, the elliptical offers a brilliant lower body strengthening exercise, increasing the heart rate, burning calories and reducing stress on joints – as well as toning the hips, thighs and butt!

Rubber Adjustable Dumbbell Set – Who can go past the versatility an adjustable dumbbell set offers? What’s faster than losing weight via cardio? Losing weight via cardio AND strength training! It’s a tested and proven method of weight loss, exerting additional effort through both 45kg Adjustable Dumbbell Set Lifespan Fitnessstrength training and cardio WILL lead to weight loss, an increased metabolism and muscle gain. After all, who wants to lose all that weight, only to be able to boast a mass of excess skin and a skinny, yet unaesthetic physique? Nobody! And strength training is for everyone, unless otherwise diagnosed by a doctor, both men and women can attain well-rounded, goal physiques through the adoption of both forms of training! Adjustable dumbbell sets offer a world of flexibility; the addition of a flat bench offers even more – every body part can be targeted effectively with just two dumbbells.

And did we mention you can do both cardio and weight training at the same time? Why not save a little time? – That was the intention of the home gym equipment in the first place, wasn’t it?


  • Interval training is incredibly effective, running at 75% for five minutes, followed by a short break and another period of 75% is more effective than walking for an hour, it’s all about burning off those calories – obviously sustained high intensity running isn’t possible initially, work your way up to it!
  • Keep your body guessing – don’t allow your body to adjust to your weight loss feats, switch up your training when your weight loss begins to stunt, barriers are meant to be broken!
  • Make sure your diet is in check, weight loss simply isn’t possible if you’re still binging; feel free to browse our blog for nutrition tips and recipe ideas- we’re nutrition crazy! Remember, correct portions, fruits, vegetables and lean meats.

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  1. Andrew says:

    Thank you for sharing this video. Cardio machines help you work very hard in a very short period of time, making a morning or lunchtime workout an exercise in efficiency. But most people don’t use the machines correctly. Fix your mistakes and you’ll get more calorie burn for the effort.

  2. I think Treadmills are hands down best equipment for home. If you are looking to tone your body. And you can always do aerobics and pushups.. Nice list though. thank you

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