Healthy Lunch Box Ideas to Make Your Colleagues Envious!

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Whilst we all advance in life, leaving behind childhood friends and education; one thing remains consistent – the ever present lunchbox – only; this time, mum’s at her place, and we’re left with the tedious task of packing! Now whilst the errand itself may seem like a time-consuming chore, it is essential you put some thought into your lunchbox meals – after all, it’s going to be what keeps you going throughout the day, and more often than not helps you stay on track with your diet! Throughout this article, we’ll speak about healthy, quick lunchbox meals anyone can pack (without mum’s help) that taste great and help you avoid vending machine nasties!
Healthy Lunch Box IdeasThe Omelet
Besides the basic egg, ham, cheese and mushroom combinations; few of us understand the flexibility and amazing flavour a quick omelet can create. Left overs are perfect; chicken, beef, pork, vegetables; even rice – mix it all up in a quick egg, cheese and mushroom batter; season to liking and within minutes you have healthy treat ready to pack and enjoy. Eggs, apart from being high in protein, also boast a number of cancer fighting antioxidants amongst other benefits, which you can read about here.

I know, I know – cliché; but I’m not going to bore you with tried and tested salad approaches! Sticking to your diet is all about diversity and satisfying your taste palette; eating salad doesn’t mean you need to pack bland lettuce leaves and add a little olive oil either! Get creative!

  • Chicken, croutons, lettuce, low fat mayonnaise and pepper make a delicious combination; particularly if you cook the chicken just in time to eat!
  • I’ve yet to find anyone aware of the mouth-watering taste of tuna and orange; and no, I’m not crazy! A can of tuna, plus a large orange, placed on some freshly toasted sourdough provides the pungent flavour hit we all crave during lunchtime – I’ve got your tummy grumbling, haven’t I?
  • Home Made Dressing – Lower in sodium than store-bought products and tastes great; not to mention you’re avoiding preservatives, thickening agents and MSG, amongst other unhealthy additions. Olive oil, apple cider vinegar and honey are great starting points, they promote benefits such as easing heartburn, assisting with joint stiffness, improving skin complexion and reducing joint inflammation.

Typically, craving something sweet, chocolates or biscuits, whatever it may be– won’t typically be satisfied by fruit. Not to worry, in fact we recommend packing your very own low fat, homemade sugar hit; to avoid being tempted by vending machines and remember, everything in moderation is fine; it’s all about the calories in vs calories out notion when it comes to cravings!

  • If chocolate’s your thing, go for dark, which offers a number of healthy antioxidants – alternatively, why not opt for homemade chocolate pudding? Sure, it’s a little more time consuming, but it sure beats high additive store bought options!

Frozen Vegetables
Contrary to many viewer’s opinions, frozen vegetables do not contain nearly as many preservatives, nor as much sodium as canned options. They are flash frozen immediately after being picked; and provide a time conserving and budget-friendly alternative to fresh vegetables.

Lunch Box Tips

  1. To avoid soggy lunch box sandwiches, pack tomato slices separately from the bread with zip lock bags; and assemble just before eating
  2. Utilise left overs from the previous night wherever possible, not only are these quick for the on-the-go business person, but can easily be made into diverse options such as sandwiches, salads and even incorporated within omelets!
  3. Whilst nuts are a great snack, it’s easy to overindulge – in saying so; ensure you check nutrition information; you might find those fifty or so almonds you’re consuming throughout the day add up to more than thirty grams of fat! Fresh fruit is a great alternative, low in fat, high in fiber and will help keep you full throughout the day
  4. Blueberries – Little balls of blue fun! Known to improve memory loss, amongst carrying a number of antioxidants; blueberries have been linked to counteracting disease and cancer; and are high in vitamin C!
  5. Avocados – Yes, they’re relatively high in fat, but not to dissuade! Avocados are high in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated; nonetheless use in moderation; but this versatile, tasty addition to home packed sandwiches is not to be missed
  6. Eat regularly – Leaving prolonged periods of time between meals often leads to uncontrollable binging; keeping nuts, fruit and sandwiches at your side helps control your appetite and keeps you full throughout the day

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  1. The great thing about healthy lunch lunches is they are often waste free (no processed foods means no throw away packaging) and cheaper. A tip to add to your list is the “bake ahead and freeze” – so you have a stash of healthy snacks that are easy to grab in the morning. Kids love a variety of snack size goodies and you can pack a lot of nutrition into small things that make lunch more interesting and fun. Great for adults also of course. You can make ahead things like muffins, home made museli bars, vegetable patties, vegemite/pizza scrolls, quiche slices, banana bread, zucchini slice, sausage rolls, arancini rice balls, meat balls and pizza on wholemeal base!

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