Healthy Pita Bread Pizza

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Whilst the fitness community is well aware of the unhealthy negatives to eating pizza, there is a healthy, guilt free and delicious alternative made using none other than pita bread. In creating a healthy pizza, despite the calorie cutbacks we need to make, taste does not need to be sacrificed; in fact – you can mock up your very own variations of your favorite pizzas; only healthier and in tune with your dieting goals; whether that be more protein, less fat or both!

As mentioned, our secret ingredient is pita bread – boasting a meager 80 calories per pita, we’re making a whopping 120 calorie reduction on each pizza base and vastly reducing the sodium intake. Regardless of the calorie saving; a normal pizza base is made primarily from white flour; which is stripped of it’s nutrients and in comparison to pita bread; has virtually no health benefits.

spinachA low sodium, organic sauce base provides a number of anti-oxidant health benefits; among those are reduction in the chances of developing cancers which you can read more about in this post. Creating a blended tomato pasta of garlic, a drizzle of olive oil, tomato sauce and a pinch of salt not only creates the foundation of a tasty pizza; but provides a number of health benefits in quicker absorption of vital minerals, reduction of blood pressure and cholesterol as well as high levels of vitamin c and 6.

One ingredient notably accounts for the elevated level of fat in pizza – cheese! Considering we understand how important cheese is in creating a delicious pizza; we’ve included a low fat mozzarella alternative to high fat cheeses used in commercial take-out products.

Creating the base is essential; however, we now need to make some healthy, tasty options for our topping; here are some ideas:
Spinach: Virtually tasteless, however, offer a great source of iron
Mushroom: Not to everyone’s liking, but I’m a big fan; add a great source of flavour to the topping and a very healthy!
Smoked SalmonChicken/Turkey: Offer a great source of lean protein and vastly improve the flavour of your pizza; ensure you cook the chicken prior to using it; add salt and oregano during the cooking process
Smoked Salmon: Ensure you look out for low sodium smoked salmon, this adds flavour and contains omega 3 fatty acids; which boat a number of benefits including inflammation reduction and offer assistance to those with arthritis and depression
Ham: Once again, relatively high in sodium; however, offers a quicker alternative to chicken for a pizza on-the-go; plenty of protein and quite low in fat

It really is your choice! Add whatever ingredients you please, low fat, high protein is the key; place in an oven till crispy and you’re set – a healthy, tasty alternative to high fat, store bought pizza!

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