Low Fat Healthy Christmas Recipes

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Whilst Christmas and the holiday season is universally known as the ‘binging’ period – it is possible to enjoy a Christmas feast without excess calories and one less button on your jeans! Today’s post centrally focuses upon low fat, healthy recipes that you can eat without the guilt – and they’re just as tasty. The team at Lifespan Fitness wishes you a very merry Christmas, and a safe holiday season!


Glazec Ham/Roast Pork – Whether it be a blackberry, or cranberry sauce – Dijon mustard or apple sauce the family roast definitely goes down a treat and makes an ideal holiday centerpiece. To minimise the sodium levels of traditional cured pork, try a glazed ham; served alongside roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes and wild rice.

Christmas Turkey – Whilst it can be bland, and somewhat tasteless if overcooked; a well done turkey is a brilliant Christmas main. Lemon, fresh herbs, and your choice of apple or cranberry sauce make for a fragrant, succulent feature meal.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes – We couldn’t possibly have a Christmas recipe list without an old time favourite, could we!? The only problem we face, is traditional garlic mash potatoes are chock full of artery clogging badness! Roasting an entire garlic clove, and breaking this up to form the creamy texture we’ve become accustomed is an excellent, low fat soloution.

Soy/Green Beans – I was initially introduced to this entree idea at a local Japanese restaurant – essentially a plate of soy beans, lightly boiled with a generous pinch of salt over coating. The same concept can be transferred over to more readily available – green beans – add olive oil, balsamic vinegar and tarragon for a high in fibre, low-calorie starter.

Chocolate Bread Pudding – Yes, we’re ditching the chocolate, pastry-dense holiday cakes – and substituting for a delighting chocolate bread pudding. Egg whites make for the key ingredient in this dish, alongside low fat milk, cinnamon, chocolate and raspberries for your antioxidant dosing.

Poached Pears with Walnuts and Spice Red Wine Sauce – I know, I know – we haven’t included a pie idea – but this is better! Poached pears work elegantly amongst walnuts and a rich red wine sauce, add pomegranate or cranberry sauce if you’d like. Top with a sprinkle of nutmeg and cinnamon, and don’t forget the side of low fat frozen yoghurt.

Holiday Appetizer Ideas:

  • Serve raw vegetables to accompany your dips as opposed to high fat/high carbohydrate biscuits
  • Use fat-free alternative cheese and lean deli turkey/chicken as your rollups
  • Use water absorbing vegetables such as beans as opposed to cream when thickening your soups

Holiday Dinner Ideas:

  • Lean cuts of meat such as roast chicken, turkey and lean beef are recommended. Remove skin and fat where possible, and choose white meat over red meat if given the option
  • Vegetables AREN’T your enemy, just make sure they’re baked as opposed to fried! A broth of herbs and spices, as well as a small amount of butter adds a healthy hit of flavour. If serving baked hot potatoes, serve with a fat-free sour cream.

Holiday Dessert Ideas:

  • If serving pies – try phyllo pastry as a topping – it’s delicate, light and crunchy; virtually fat free. Use oats as opposed to flour for the thickness, and low fat yoghurts as opposed to heavy, high-fat ice creams
  • Use low fat cream for cheesecakes and similar dishes
  • Make seasonal fruits the centerpiece of your dessert platter, they’re full of vitamins and minerals, healthy and the kids love them

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