Our Top 5 Must Read Health and Fitness Posts February 2014

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A new section we’re introducing on the Lifespan Fitness blog is a monthly roundup of our top 5 favourite health and fitness related posts. Whilst we’re a month overdue for a 2014 edition, we figure there’s always time to spread some love. We hope you enjoy this month’s selections.


Let’s get underway!

12509377904_0d0ba1a658_z1) Raw Almond Linzer Cookies – It wouldn’t feel right to take all the credit on this delicious find, so we’re going to come clean. Since discovering the Choosing Raw blog we’ve been pretty well hooked. It’s a simple approach to a vegan/raw lifestyle, which offers up a recipe selection far more appetizing than I’m sure you’re picturing in your mind right now. From there, we were referred to Oh, Ladycakes ‘Raw Almond Linzer cookies’ recipe which looks fantastic, but best of all, was written by a fellow gym-goer and health enthusiast. To put things simply, you know it’s going to be good for you! They’re a little Valentine’s day special, but I suppose you could take advantage of these healthy snacks a little more regularly than once a year!

2) We also came across Thug Kitchen, be warned, for those of you used to the typical razzle-dazzle fairy dust type home cooking blog, this isn’t it. In fact, get used to the profanity used.. there’s plenty more to come. Whilst Thug Kitchen takes advantage of some street-slang, it also features a number of kick-ass recipes. Although it just misses the deadline for the February edition, we thought we’d feature it anyways, ’cause we’re like that, yo! “Don’t f**k around with some sorry ass ten-dollar take out, cook a big bowl of winter vegetable stir-fry” – now that’s kicking your butt into shape, ghetto style! Check out Thug Kitchen’s winter vegetable stir fry; and take a look for yourself.

3) A common problem in many hobbies is the lack of substantiated advice, more often spread by people who have read something online and spread it around in daily conversation. The result? A whirlpool of misguided information. But how would it feel to have professional runner friend to answer all your questions about technique, training, recovery and nutrition? Lauren Fleshman, a 15-time All-American, has you covered. In her most recent installment, Lauren offers some detailed tips and tricks on advancing your competitive running career. Her advice is down-to-earth, and she definitely offers some insight into transitioning to a higher level in your career. The highs, and lows, maintaining a positive mindset and passion for your sport.

1546260_10152123961214675_1282015828_n4) Brian Call’s site Daily Cup of Yoga, offers a host of tips to help combat unhappiness. In hindsight the blog concentrates on tips, tools and wisdom on yoga, but it offers much more than that. One particular entry published by guest poster Silvia Modini in February entitled, Defeating Unhappiness, is something this blog has touched on, however, doesn’t centrally focus upon. Unhappiness and depression is a serious issue and can really affect your mentality and willingness to undertake activities and new challenges in life. Silvia speaks from personal experience, and emphasises a need to quit procrastinating and in essence, forcing yourself to be unhappy. This particular post is written in a personal tone, and discusses Silvia’s journey of self-discovery. It’s well worth a read if you believe you are in a similar position.

5) Running on Real Food blogger Deryn Macey shares recipes for wholesome meals, giving you an excuse to put down that preservative-loaded energy bar and replace it with real food. For the most part her recipes are vegan/gluten-free; offering a number of gym-friendly snacks such as this Red Rice and Chili Lime Black Bean Burrito recipe. These are peppy, bright and fragrant – and they go down ever so well.. I oughta know. Deryn enjoys crossfit and bi-weekly runs – if you do too, take a look at her blog!

+1) Yeah, we lied.. a completely-beneficial, tiny white lie.. but a lie none the less. We like rewarding our readers, and we had to include at least one extra to really offer up a little extra value. In tune with the overall demeanor of this post; we’ve opted to include another food-related post to cap off this months round-up. Gina Homolka from Skinnytaste, offers up a world of flavour at a caloric profile that won’t break your scales. Whilst we recommend you browse through her recipe list (everything looks so darn good!), her Amazing Flour-Less Brownies, won us over on this selection. “Moist, chocolatey and delicious – finally a low-fat, gluten-free brownie” need I say more? Did I mention they include no butter OR flour? There’s a special ingredient that we guarantee you’d never guess.. head over to her blog and find out what it is now!

That concludes our top 5 (+1) February 2014 roundup, we hope you enjoyed what we discovered this month.

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  1. Thank you soooo much for including me!! Great list – a few new ones for me. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Marian says:

    Deryn Macey, Running on Real Food blog is amazing. I am coeliac and always searching for new, mouth watering recipes to include in my diet.Deryn certainly delivered. Thankyou so much for the blog list. Totally invaluable.

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