Our Top 5 Must Read Health and Fitness Posts March 2014

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Every month on the Lifespan Fitness blog we discover a list of must read health and fitness posts and tell our lovely fans about them! If you missed our February edition, click here. Without further ado, let’s get underway – it’s time to spread some love to the local health and fitness community. We hope you enjoy this months selections!


1) We fell in love when we stumbled across Steve Kamb’s, Nerd Fitness. His goal? To make sure each and every one of us wake up happier today than yesterday. If you aren’t interested in some lengthy reading, you mightn’t like Steve’s writing style he tends to get a little detailed and technical in his articles. On the bright side, the majority of them include Lego – and honestly, who doesn’t love Lego?

Our selection of the month from his blog is Strength Training 101: How To Squat Properly, and as you might have gathered from the title, this is the complete ABC on squatting techniques written by Nerd Fitness Member Staci. Complete with a range of images and videos to guide your exact movements, this article illustrates the low bar back squat, high bar back squat and front squat amongst addressing a number of common faults such as knee, back and head positioning. It’s definitely a beginner instructional that any intermediate squatter can revert back to should they have any worries with technique.

marksisson2) Mark Sisson began his blog Mark’s Daily Apple, in 2006 to empower 10 million people to take responsibility of their health and to enjoy life discussing and investing the truth about health and wellness. Whilst we discovered his blog long ago, and have favorites such as Cooking With Bones and Why Grains Are Unhealthy, this month Mark wrote a post which sparked our interest entitled Is a High Protein Diet Really As Bad For You As Smoking? Mark addresses an article published by Forbes which claims to link a high protein diet with an increased risk of cancer.

Mark debunks the article, however presents a couple of important points to take away.

  • Don’t eat more protein than you actually need, get extra calories from fat and carbs (if exercises permits)
  • Eat more than just muscle meat, eat organs, bones, tails, ligaments and shanks
  • Particularly for those with cancer, don’t eat casein, methionine, corn starch and soybean oil

Take a look at Mark’s blog for more tips, this guy really knows his stuff – and the results are apparent!

3) Who would have thought, healthy food porn really does exist. Whilst owner of Healthy Food For Living, Lauren Zembron, still considers herself a novice in the kitchen, she definitely drums up some quality meals. Our personal favourite of the month (believe me, it was a tough choice) is Chocolate Coconut Peanut Butter. Lauren utilises unsweetened shredded coconut, unsalted peanuts and unsweetened cocoa powder to ensure you don’t feel guilty after indulging.. this stuff’s actually healthy!

If you’re looking for an alternative to pre-packaged spreads such as Nutella, give this a try – it’s an absolute treat; and you should already have the majority of ingredients on hand.

family-all-looking-polaroid3-423x5004) Whilst we’re on the topic of packaged foods, 100 Days of Real Food, published a video this month on deceiving packaged foodsOwner, Lisa Leake, appeared on the ‘Charlotte Today’ show to debunk deceiving food labels. Amongst the examples of packaged foods are pasta, breadcrumbs, honey mustard and lemonade. Lisa explains what to look out for to ensure you don’t fall for marketing ploys which can deteriorate your health.

Lisa’s initial ‘100 days of real food’ pledge ended in 2010; since then she has maintained interesting content, and even began a new journey ‘100 days of Real Food on budget‘ in which she fed a family of four on just $125/week. Lisa and her family have gradually adopted a new surge towards maintaining health and wellness by altering their diet and are still going strong.

5) Last, but certainly not least on our monthly roundup is Zen to Fitness. Owner, Jamie Beeson, in a March update spreads some light on The Most Effective Way To Trim Your Midsection, we particularly liked the direct truth of this article. “Sit ups, planks, and ab machines won’t get rid of your belly bulge” – we couldn’t agree more!

Revealing abs and losing belly fat is more than a few situps and crunches a week, it requires cleaning up your diet and implementing an exercise regime. Being able to select nutritiously beneficial foods, maintaining your caloric intake and high-intensity cardiovascular exercise are key to eliminating visceral fat.

Jamie’s blog mightn’t go into as much detail as some of the other blogs we’ve mentioned. However, it does provide a concise, truthful and correct covering of topics addressed.

That concludes our March monthly round-up, stay tuned for next month’s edition!

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