Staying Fit As A Family

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At Lifespan we’ve become acquainted with a few things, one of which is our clientele base – whilst we’ve supplied to personal trainers and all round fitness freaks, we frequently come across the client with little time to get to the gym, looking for a home equipment solution. Generally, their restricted time is narrowed down to a few factors – work, commitments, family and children! Whilst time is a limiting factor in what we can achieve, staying fit as a family is essential, and it definitely won’t feel like a chore if you’re enjoying it together. Throughout this article we’ll provide you with some ideas on how you and your family can use spare time to stay fit, healthy and active together.

stayingfitasafamilyWalks/Bike Rides – Whether it be something as meager as walking the dog as a family throughout the neighborhood, or consistently abiding by a set routine in which you ride a certain distance over an allotted time; doing these activities as a family make them a breeze! Bike riding is a great family activity at all ages, even infants can enjoy the ride in their bicycle seat. If you’ve got little tackers, alternating between walking and a stroller might be the way to go; and pointing out interesting objects, such as animals and playgrounds will keep them interested. If you’ve got older children, explaining the benefits will help them understand how important it is to stay active, before you know it, it will become routine!

familybikerideBoxing/Dancing/Boot Camps – Boxing and MMA classes have become rather popular as of late, particularly ones which are similar to boot camps including endurance and strength training; they’re perfect for the whole family to attend, expect to wake up sore in the morning! Whilst boxing or boot camps may not be to a young ladies fancy, dancing could be the way to go; boogie down as a family once a week and work up a heavy sweat!

TV Commericals, No More! – Let’s face it, we like to procrastinate, if we’re not on Facebook wasting time, familypushupwe’re watching television, staring blankly into the sea of advertisements and soap operas. Use this in your advantage! Make use of television commercials, pushups, situps, squats and bridges are simple exercises which the entire family can do whilst waiting. Make a game of it, challenge each other – whether that be who can hold the longest bridge, or who can do the most pushups from the time the commercials begin till the TV show recommences. What might seem unusual at first, might become a fun, routine and rewarding activity in the long run!

Yard Work – Why not multitask? Have the kids work on the garden with you, it’s a great way to get your daily gardening chores done at twice the speed, and ensure that the whole family is learning a little responsibility and working together. It’s a great way to prevent osteoporosis in parents, and encouraging the children to eat the vegetables they planted themselves. Be warned, they’ll expect a few dollars pocket change as they get a little older!

Whilst obesity is a rising factor amongst children, perhaps heavily influenced by modern technology in which children are neglecting playing in the street with friends, or taking a bike ride to the park – there definitely are ways to combat this. Children between 6 and 16 are recommended to exercise a minimum of an hour a day, whilst adults should for 30 minutes. Children do however, undertake a lot of activities at school, and so it is important to find a medium in which the family is actively exercising together. Playing tag, wrestling, swimming or bike riding are all fun and beneficial to the health of your children and family!

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