The Original 300 Workout: Do You Have What It Takes?

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Movies take off for a number of reasons, take 300 for instance. What man wouldn’t enjoy the eye popping gory visuals of necks snapping? And what woman wouldn’t enjoy the scenes containing the chiseled abs and whittled waists of the likes of Gerrard Butler and his fellow cast? So how exactly did King Leonidas and his Spartan warriors get their abs of steel? The 300 workout of course! If you want to build muscle, increase muscular endurance, and strip fat fast this is the workout for you. But, do you have what it takes?


Pullups (25 reps) – Grab onto the bar with an overhand grip (palms facing away from you) slightly wider than shoulder width. Hang with your elbows completely extended. Pull your body to the bar until your chin touches it, pause, and then lower back down to starting position. Pullups are a difficult exercise for those just getting into fitness. To gradually build up strength, place a chair or stool below you and allow your knees to rest on this, pulling yourself up as per usual.

bbell_dead_B_015Deadlifts (50 reps) – Once the barbell is loaded with an appropriate weight you can perform 50 repetitions of, roll it towards your shins. With your hands at shoulder width, bend at your knees and hips and pull the bar upwards maintaining a straight back and thrusting your hips forward. Stand up with the barbell and ensure you squeeze your glutes whilst performing the exercise. Lower the bar back down keeping it as close to your shins as possible. Deadlifts are an incredibly effective exercise, but poor form can cause serious bodily harm. Ensure you maintain a straight back (lower the weight if your back begins to arch) and lift with your knees and hips bent.

Pushups (50 Reps) – Lower yourself onto all fours placing your hands and arms at shoulder width. Now lower your body until your chest is just above the ground. Pause. Then push yourself back up to starting position. Once again, if you haven’t yet developed the strength or endurance to perform 50 repetitions properly; rest on your knees as opposed to your toes to make the exercise easier.

Box Jumps (50 Reps) – Place a sturdy box in front of you that is high enough to require a high intensity jump. Place your feet at shoulder width apart and slightly bend your knees. Jump onto the box, landing softly, and finally step back down to starting position.

Floor Wipers (50 Rep) – Hold a loaded barbell above your chest (in lying down position) – at a weight that you can perform correct form repetitions. Bring your feet up to the plate on your left hand side, back down to the centre, and once again back up to right hand side and down. This movement requires you to use your core primarily, and activates your shoulders and chest to maintain balance of the barbell above you.

Chinups (25 reps) – Chinups are essentially the same movement as pullups, however, require further activation of the biceps and forearms. Place your hands at shoulder width apart (placing them close may assist with form). Pull yourself up until your chin touches the bar, pause, and lower yourself back down to starting position.

Body Weight Rows (15 Reps) – Use an overhand grip, at shoulder-width grab a bar which has been secured at waist height. Hang with your arms completely extended and straight, and heels now touching the floor. Essentially, from head to heel your body should be in a straight line. Press your shoulder blades back, pull with your arms pressing your chest close to the bar. Pause, and slowly lower yourself back down to the starting position.


But remember, this workout isn’t for the faint-hearted, it’s a brutal start-out-strong and be reduced to a crawl type workout. Luckily these exercises can be switched around, and the reps/weights can be lowered if you aren’t in peak physical condition. Barbell rows/low machine rows and jumping jacks can replace floor wipers and chinups for instance.

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    Great workout exercises with gymnastics rings for a men’s fitness and healthy lifestyle.

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