The Treadmill Desk: The Healthy Alternative To Your Stagnant Desk Job | Plus Your DIY Soloution

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Whilst studies have revealed that prolonged periods of time sitting at a desk is detrimental to our health, the status quo has remained consistent. It’s a relative certainty that people will continue to embrace their ‘desk job’ and do so despite the risks of reduced energy and rising health problems – unless a change is made, that time; is now!


CBS produced a report studying 200,000 people, making adamant the negative repercussions of sitting for just 4 hours a day and your increased risk of death.

Check it out for yourself below!

Dangers of sitting include:
–> Changes in the body’s natural metabolism
–> Less healthy veins and arteries
–> Raises bad cholesterol levels and makes it difficult for the body to process sugar

Eventually, the notion of a standing desk came about; whilst similar to your regular desk, it sat a foot or two higher above the ground, forcing the individual to stand whilst working. Despite assisting in circulatory movement, the standing desk proved somewhat unproductive, and the treadmill desk alternative was introduced to keep individuals healthier and happier whilst maintaining concentration levels.

The treadmill desk provides a healthy solution to the stagnant sitting setting, a comment from “treadmillwalker” at Business Insider revealed that:

Productivity improves dramatically, employees lose weight, see improvement in their cholesterol, A1C, triglycerides and BP rate.

And the so-called negative effects to this innovation; debunked:

I have been using one for three years and had over a dozen employees using them at my previous company, with fantastic results. No one to my knowledge has ever fallen off a treadmill desk running at 1 to 2 mph.

Max Planck from Institute for Human Development in Germany has revealed an even greater increase in productivity and health benefits can be had from combing both working and walking. The study provided insight into significantly improved memory when combining the two elements in a workplace setting.

Obesity remains at an epidemic rate as a result of prolonged sitting and an abnormally elevated caloric consumption level. Whilst the introduction of computers has vastly improved our productivity, it has limited our personal interaction with one another, and in doing so, restricted our everyday movement.

Despite the treadmill desk providing an addition to your fitness/weight loss routine, it’s primary purpose is not in burning calories or exercise, but rather promoting healthier metabolic and circulatory effects. The transition from sitting to walking is a relatively difficult one for most, particularly when we’ve been taught from square one to find comfort in the unnatural movement of sitting for hours on end. And so, making the transition to a standing position is an important step in becoming accustomed to the position.

Standing Desk CBCGetting Started
We’ve already spoken about the gradual transition between sitting, to standing and eventually getting your own treadmill desk. You’ll want to ensure that your standing desk allows your monitor to be at eye-level and your mouse and keyboard at an appropriate height. Whilst the position initially will be somewhat of an oddity, you’ll learn to adapt to it and be able to transition to a treadmill desk.

Obviously, a 5 foot treadmill will require more room than your current setup; ensure you have enough to remain in a safe position. Whilst buying a ready-made solution is relatively expensive and difficult to source, you needn’t fear as we have conveniently provided a DIY solution below! However, remember that treadmills built primarily for desk use will include features such as detachable controls to make your life a little easier – and so, it’s important to maintain easy access to your on-board controls when designing your own model.

Your DIY Solution
Whilst a number of DIY solutions have proven workable, the core, fundamental elements remain consistent in that you will require a treadmill, and the tools/materials to create an adequate working platform.

Jerker Treadmill DeskMany of us have treadmills packed away ready to be brought back to life, but for those that don’t – cheap alternatives are easily obtained. Lifespan offers an affordable array available here however, keep an eye out for our eBay page and find yourself a great deal!

In terms of building your desk, this can get as creative or simple as you like; obviously the price and degree of difficulty will rise if you opt for a more expansive solution. Below are various options you may choose to adopt, you can create your very own desk from as little as $17!

IKEA Hackers – Jerker Treadmill Desk
Dadditudes – DIY Desk
ThinkSpace – Super Cheap DIY Treadmill Desk

Relearn Multitasking
When met with a new environment, we have to learn to re-adapt and this will take time. Some important tips to take note of:
–> Ease into it, begin with 20 minutes walking time and build over time – this will ensure your body gradually adapts to it’s new movement.
–> Add a small fan to your desk and keep water nearby
–> Walk at a kilometer an hour to begin with; whilst that is relatively slow, you may be working for an entire workday, that will add up – it’s a marathon not a sprint!
–> Give it time, it will be different at first, that’s a certainty; but it will change your life!

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  1. Henry says:


    In my eyes, working at your desk for extended periods of time is definitely detrimental to your health!

    A method a coworker of mine also recommended was trampoline jumping, as abstract as that sounds! It’s surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable haha!

    Great article by the way!

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