Tips to Staying Fit and Healthy During a Busy Day!

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Whether it be work, allocating time for children, studies or daily errands – we’re all pressed for time, and it’s no secret! Whilst it be can difficult finding time for a work out, today’s post focuses on our key tips to staying fit and healthy throughout your busy day. Busy people get things done that they regard important, so follow steps and find time for a vital part of your daily routine and well-being – fitness!

stayingfitandhealthyOne: Fitness Appointments – No excuses, you’ve made an appointment, an appointment with yourself and the iron, don’t break that – and if you do, you better replace it! Allocate three sessions a week at specific times, spanning over the length of 45 to 60 minutes and stick to your schedule. Remember, this is on your time, don’t waste it gossiping about last week’s footy results, and what you’re doing this weekend – remain focused, allow minimal breaks per exercise and make the most of your allocated time. I’m a firm believer that a high intensity 40 minute session is far more beneficial than a lackluster hour-and-a-half long session. Plan your session and know what exercises you plan on doing, BEFORE you enter the gym – making things up on the spot wastes time!

Two: The Home Gym – We’ll keep this tip short since we’ve covered the core of what you need to know about owning a home gym in our posts entitled Why Own A Home Gym and Best Home Gym Equipment For Weight Loss. For those pushed for time, a home gym is an excellent time-saving solution. It eliminates the time spent driving to and from the gym, and doesn’t require you to take the time to wear something ‘appealing’. Whether you’re home late and missed a gym session, or have some time spare in the morning – the home gym solution can be used at any time of day!

Why not try out these no-equipment home workout!

Three: Other Means of Transport – Stuff your keys, wallet and and cash in a fanny pack and jog home. Too far? Ride a bike! And if that’s still too difficult a journey – consider getting off the train/tram a few stops earlier and jog/walk home – your body will love you for it!

Four: Treadmill Desk – Stuck at the office? Strapped for time? Invest in your own DIY treadmill desk, and reduce the risk of unhealthy arteries and high cholesterol levels  – for more information visit our article on The Treadmill Desk, it includes a DIY solution!

Five: The Fitness Date – For those of you with a partner/spouse, set up your own ‘fitness/workout dates’. And for those without a special someone in their lives, workout sessions can definitely be had with a friend or sibling.

Six: Don’t Be A Couch Potato – Rather than staring blankly into a sea of television advertisements whilst your favorite show is on break – make use of the time! Pushups, situps, squats, and core building exercises such as bridges are simple exercises to do whilst waiting. Test yourself to hold a plank for as long as you can and work progressively upon that, holding on longer each time – before long, you’ll be able to last the length of the TV show!

Seven: Think Fitness – It’s not hard to find opportunities to include fitness in your life – you just need to be fitness-savvy, and an elevator is a perfect example. Instead of taking the elevator down eight levels, use the stairs – increase the intensity and number of calories burnt by running up and down them – remember, safety first. Try parking further away from where you need to walk to – the exercise is worth it.

Eight: Breakfast – I know you’ve heard it time and time again, ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ – and I know many of you just don’t have the ‘time’ for it. Set your alarms a little earlier, or prepare something the night before – a good breakfast is a great start to the day, it helps with the clarity of your thought processes, kick-starts your metabolism and keeps you energised.

Time is a precious, non-renewable resource and should be treated as one. Leading an exercise-inclusive life is important to both your health and well-being – follow the tips laid out for you throughout this post today and start making a change for the better!

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