Top 5 Fast Fat Burning Foods!

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Whilst a variety of products are pushed in our faces in the modern world; promises of ‘quick fat loss’ and ‘immediate results’ science has proven certain foods increase the rate at which we released hormones to burn fat, and speed up our metabolism. There are a number of benefits to low carbohydrate, high protein diets in achieving fat loss – continue reading to discover our top five foods to weight loss!


Eating within a caloric deficit is important to make this article effective, in that, in order to lose weight; you need to eat below your caloric maintenance (which can be calculated online). The issue, however, is that achieving a caloric deficit and abiding by a strict diet is difficult; too difficult in fact for many trying to lose weight; and so correction to this problem needs to be made:

  • Failure to stick to a strict diet often derives from it’s bland, repetitive nature – no one wants to eat chicken and broccoli, each meal, every single day – and so we need to adopt a diet that incorporates a wide variety of low calorie options; which appeal to your taste buds and abide by our caloric maintenance levels
  • After following and moving past the ‘learning curve’ required for the foods recommended below; it almost becomes unnatural to not be consuming these items on a daily basis – and so; upon initially finding it difficult to make a change; your body will soon adapt and crave the changes to your diet
  • Compliance to these foods isn’t a be-all-end-all scenario; these are merely suggestions and so long as you are in a caloric deficit, and have a basic macro-nutrient spread; you can eat as you please; within reason of course – incorporating the occasional ‘cheat’ meal into your week (sushi, pizza, parmagiana, etc)

Amongst assisting in by reducing calorie consumption throughout the average day, eggs are also beneficial in their disease fighting ability. eggsEggs enable a reduction in appetite and calorie intake when eating for breakfast, and are a healthy alternative to breakfast cereals packed full of processed sugars, and croissants/muffins containing immense amounts of butter. The yolk, whilst containing the ‘fatty’ portion of a whole egg, are slow digestive, high in protein and produce a number of health benefits including antioxidants which fight cancer and heart diseases.

Green Tea
Whilst it’s no new phenomenon nowadays in the weight loss world, green teaGreen Tea provides a number of natural chemicals (primarily epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG) that assist in accelerated fat burning. EGCG inhibits the breakdown of norepinephrine; and so effectively increases your metabolism. Green Tea contains caffeine which also boats metabolism increasing benefits, and so, it provides a great tasting; low calorie, fat burning beverage!

Unfortunately for our lactose intolerant friends, this may exclude you – but nonetheless diet’s consisting milkof high milk intake can stimulate fat loss, whilst supporting lean muscle gain. Milk contains high levels of calcium which enable your fat burning metabolism to perform smoothly; as well as reducing the amount of calories your liver turns into fat through disuse. Milk acts as a natural whey protein; and in conjunction with other foods (oats, banana, peanut butter, etc) replaces costly protein supplements; assisting in both fat burning, muscle gain and blood pressure control. To increase the fat/protein ratio; skim milk and low fat milk are excellent, low calorie options.

Smoked Salmon
An important concept to understand is that of how fat loss actually works – scottish-smoked-salmon-slicedcontrary to what many whom have a limited knowledge in the field believe; in order to lose fat, you do not need to entirely remove fat from your diet – in fact the body requires it to survive or else it would eat away at your muscle tissue to create energy! Whilst smoked salmon may be high in sodium (there are reduced salt options at a slightly higher price), they are an excellent addition to any sandwich, salad and provide for a tasty quick meal! It’s high level of Omega-3 fatty acids (one serving equates to 90% of your daily requirements in fact), help reduce mental fatigue and increase reaction times. Salmon is noted to help with circulation of blood to the heart, energy production and helps accelerate muscle growth optimal for training and recovery.

Raspberries offer an immense amount of fiber, in fact 20% of a male’s daily recommended intake in just Crockery with  beautiful tempting raspberries Isolated on white serving; apart from the obvious reasons of regular bowel movements, fiber also assists in keeping that belly fat off by reducing the fat your digestive system consumes. Fiber enables water retention in your stomach; creating a more ‘filling’ feeling; thus leading you to consume less food during the day. Raspberries add a great taste to otherwise bland snacks such as oatmeal and natural yoghurt; amongst providing a high level of disease preventing antioxidants; regulating thyroid and sex hormone production.

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