Top 7 Reasons to Exercise in the Morning

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Some people really wish there was a.. “I’ll get around to it” response which would allow them to lose weight – the reality, however, is – if you want to lose weight, you just need to do it! More often than not, appointments come before exercising, and our schedule becomes inconsistent rendering the odd training sessions virtually useless. But, it is essential that we adapt working out as a habit of our daily routine, not merely a chore we don’t look forward to. The key is in finding time to exercise, whether that be in the morning, afternoon or evening – however, working out in the morning sets the pace for the entire day and prevents any late-in-the-day excuses.

exerciseinmorning1. Early morning exercise suggests an improvement in sleep, which could also contribute to accelerated weight loss. Consistent engagement in morning exercise was recorded to improve sleep-ability of overweight women between the ages of 50 and 75 averaging just four hours of exercise per week. Good sleep controls the hormonal balance which controls appetite, and by exercising more frequently we can realign the body’s internal body clock and induce better quality sleep.

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2. As we covered in a previous post, tips to staying fit and healthy during a busy day, exercising in the morning enables you to schedule fitness appointments which you abide by like any other appointment. Whilst it takes discipline, if you are at risk of heart disease due to being overweight, you’ll definitely make the effort. Don’t allow post-work excuses, exercise in the morning when you’re fresh and ready to go – the beta-endorphins released will maintain a positive, energetic attitude for the entirety of the day!

3. Working out early jump starts your metabolism, keeping it elevated throughout the day and enabling you to burn calories simply because you worked out early on in the day. And the more muscle you have? The more calories you burn due to an accelerated metabolism – so hit the gym early and do some weight training!

4. Early morning workouts help regulate your eating for the entire day, which we know is an extremely important aspect of losing weight. Many people find that working out early and eating a meal with a good macronutrient profile following the workout helps reduce their appetite, help them make better food choices and leaves them in a healthier mindset for the rest of the day.

5. If you opt to exercise at roughly the same time each day, and wake up at the same time, your body’s internal clock and endocrine system begins to adapt to this. Physiologically, an hour or two before you awake, your body prepares for the exercise it ‘knows’ is about to take place. This provides a number of benefits including making it much easier to wake-up as your body has adapted and become aware of the time in which you are set to awake, your metabolism levels rise whilst you sleep leaving you energised and eager to wake up and work out and your hormones regulate your blood pressure, heart rate and blood flow.

6. Making a morning fitness routine a habit is far easier than trying to find time to workout as the day and week progresses. People that appoint a time to working out often look forward to and abide by the time which they’ve allocated to take care of themselves and mentally relax and prepare for the day ahead.

7. The issue with working out at night, is that exercise and fitness improves mental acuity, that is memory, understanding and focus for up to ten hours. And there really is no point in going straight to bed following a post-workout meal and wasting that additional brain power. Exercise early on and increase productivity at work or school!

And there you have it, exercising in the morning is the perfect way to ensure that life’s daily occurrences don’t prevent you from the time you could have allocated to living a healthier lifestyle. Working out regularly drastically improves the sleeping cycle and improves both your metabolism and sense of happiness throughout the day. Just give it a go, some love the feeling of waking up, working out and carrying the increased level of endorphins throughout the day – whilst others prefer to workout in the evening. Find out what works best for you, but most importantly – take action!

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