Treadmill Workouts From Beginner To Advanced

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Whilst we love posting fitness advice and dieting tips, our core business resides in providing a high quality end product to our customers. One product line being our selection of treadmills; making it easy to avoid the uneven surfaces of the outdoors, and unexpected changes in weather conditions. Whether you’re a beginning runner, or a cross-country champion; this post has a little something from everyone. Looking for a relaxing morning walk? Or perhaps an inclined terrain? We’ll have you in shape in no time with our trusty treadmill workout guide.


The Beginner – New to running? This workout combines walking and running, helping to get your heart rate up whilst kicking your butt into working order. If it seems a little too easy, feel free to adjust the speed – however, ensure you allow your body to adjust before doing anything drastic.

Ease into your run with a 5 minute walk at speed 3.0 – incline should be maintained at 1.0 over the entirety of the workout. Speed should be increased by 2.0 and reduced by 2.0 every 5 minutes until 40 minutes have elapsed. This workout is recommended for three times per week.

Pyramid Intervals – Sometimes treadmill workouts can be a little boring or tedious, the pyramid interval workout is intended to keep you on your toes by changing speed every minute. Complete your first five minutes as above, at 4.0 MPH. From the sixth minute till the 30th minute, your speed should routinely be raised and decreased by 1.0 MPH each minute. Feel free to increase speed consecutively to make this workout more challenging.

TMSUPREME_01_model_zoomTime Challenged? – You’re busy? We¬†get it! But that’s no excuse to banish your shiny new treadmill to an empty corner as a clothes hanger. We want you to reach your health and fitness goals remember? Well, we’ve made it easy with the 20 minute interval training workout! After this short, sharp cardio session you’ll be energised to take on the rest of the day ahead.

Aside from simply altering the speed, you’ll also be changing the incline to force your body to work harder.

Minute one to three is your warmup, incline should be set to 1.0 and speed at 6.0. From that point on, every two minutes speed should be increased by .4 till minute twenty. Incline should be increased by 1.5 until 6.0 is reached, at this point decrease by 1.5 until you reach 1.0 once again.

The 500 Calorie-er – Our grammar might be off, but we know how to get you in shape! This advanced treadmill session will help you burn 500 calories once you’ve successfully completed it. Be sure to warm-up beforehand, and if you find it too difficult, reduce recommended speed.

Begin your warmup phase at 5.0 MPH, ease into this over a five minute period. This workout concentrates on the 3v1 approach – between minutes 5-8 increase the speed by 1. Between minutes 8-9, increase once again by one. At this point, complete another 3 minute interval after decreasing the speed by one. Increase the speed by one for one minute, and continue this regime.

Here’s an example:

Time Speed
00:00-5:00 5.0
05:00-8:00 6.0
8:00-9:00 7.0
9:00-12:00 6.0
12:00-13:00 7.5
13:00-16:00 6.0


At 55 minutes, you will have burnt a total of 500 calories.

Tone Those Legs – Who says a treadmill workout regime can’t involve some leg work? After completing your warmup, alternate between running on the treadmill and completing a series of leg workouts per 5 minute interval. Following your first 5 minute running set, alternative front lunges can be performed. Following your second, squats. Finally, box jumps can be incorporated for a real deep burn.

Double Time – Sometimes you need to mix things up, and strength training can improve the effectiveness of your fitness regimen ten-fold. This efficient 45 minute workout offers a cardio nudge, followed by strength training focused on your arms and abs. Your 30 minute treadmill session should maintain a 1.0 incline, whilst operating between 5 and 8 MPH. Adjust this at your own discretion, the higher the intensity, the more calories you will burn.

But you’re not done just yet – onto the strength training! Begin with bicep curls, we’re after 3 sets of 12 reps. Tricep kickbacks are next, followed by bent over rows, crunches and finally hanging leg raises. All exercises should be performed at 3 sets of 12 reps with 1-2 minute breaks in between.

That completes our beginning-to-advanced treadmill routine, remember to stretch thoroughly at completion and remain consistent in your approach to both your training and diet.


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