Why Own A Home Gym?

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Keeping in tune with our recent ‘home gym’ related post regarding the best home gym equipment for weight loss, today’s post will focus on the reasoning behind owning your own home gym. Whilst attending the gym is perhaps a more affordable option, initially at least, for those whom aren’t in the best physical condition, a public gym can be a little intimidating to enter. And for those moderate to advanced gym-users, the constant waiting time to access a bench or squat rack, just becomes a little too tedious over time, am I right? Not to mention, the reflection-obsessed weight lifters, sweat leeches and gym staff Nazis who despise even the slightest noise amongst all the iron machinery! If the above wasn’t enough to persuade you towards starting your own home gym, the following reasons will!

  • homegymTime – It ain’t rocket science. We’re lucky enough to be given 24 hours a day, 8 or so of which is taken up by sleep – if you’re a beauty-sleep-freak, 10 hours is your thing, if you’re a night person; hour-glass6 hours may be more to your liking – either way, we’re given a certain amount of time each day to do whatever it is that we do. A thirty minute drive to and from the gym isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea – not to mention the additional thirty minutes you need to spend discussing your training program and what’s been up with the usual crew you stop and say hi to! Focused, time effective and high intensity workouts are essential, these are achieved at home where it’s you vs that iron – no interruptions, no time wasting and no excuses! Best of all, a home gym fits YOUR schedule.
  • Family – Whilst staying fit as a family doesn’t necessarily involve a fully stocked home gym, owning one certainly won’t hinder any progress you make with your loved ones. Being a fit, active family is important – in ensuring aging parents stay young and healthy, as well as having children and teenagers discover more to life than being couch potatoes. Mothers of infants won’t need to employ babysitters, or leave their children in day-care to hit the gym – having a quick gym session whilst the children are sleeping is as easy as ever!
  • Environment – Set the scene, it’s your home gym – make it your sanctuary, your motivational resource; it’s not a chore, it’s a choice and an incredibly beneficial one at that. There’s no need to worry about smashing plates around (just make sure they don’t go through your flooring; or chip the floorboards – rubber gym mats anyone?), or other gym users hogging all the benches. Posters, quotes, music, groans and moans! Whatever you please, it’s entirely up to you – and that’s the beauty of a home gym!

    • Privacy – Squatting without shoes? Benching without a shirt? Be your own guest, just keep it sanitary! If you’re a first time gym user, intimidation definitely plays a role in how motivated you are to attend the gym – an at-home solution eliminates that scare-factor.
    • Investment – Whilst a commercial gym membership can run you upwards of $500 a year, creating your at home platform can be done at a fraction of the price – and the money is going into equipment which you can resell or keep for years to come. It’s a little like the rent vs buy debate, whilst renting is convenient your money isn’t really going towards owning anything – with the purchase of a home gym, you’re doing more than just throwing away cash. Starting out with something as simple as a squat rack, flat-to-incline bench and a good barbell weight set won’t break the bank, and will provide you with the majority of exercises you would otherwise be performing at the gym. Although $500 might not be too expensive right now, imagine in ten years from now, taking into account inflation, we’re looking at upwards of $1000s a year spent on commercial gym soloutions – all the while you could of had your very own home gym and slowly added to it!

Whilst the video below runs for just shy of an hour, it offers some helpful insights into the world of ‘crossfit’ and is well worth the browse. For those unfamiliar with crossfit, it is a emerging form of training in the fitness scene which we will delve into in future posts – so make sure you return for more helpful fitness tips from the Lifespan Fitness blog!

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