Your Top 5 Most Frequently Asked Fitness Related Questions

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Fitness forums and blogs each and everyday are bombarded with a multitude of fitness related questions, ranging from gaining muscle to spot reduction weight loss. Despite answers differing upon individuals, knowing the answer to these commonly asked questions can be testament to both your weight loss and your credibility in the industry.


shutterstock_88256734What Is The Best Way To Lose Fat?
The age-old question, asked for decades and the source of various infomercials appealing to the minds of those stepping into fitness in hope of making an immediate, effortless change. The answer you ask? There isn’t one! Each individual will respond differently to their set training program, however, as a general rule of thumb the following will be useful to everyone.

  • Activities that incorporate weight bearing exercises, are far more effective and burn more calories than exercise without weight – this is as a result of increased muscle activation, requiring greater levels of energy expenditure.
  • Calories used per minute are greater at moderate to high levels of intensity during training, thus working out for 15 minutes at a high level of intensity, for instance HIIT, is more effective for weight loss than a 15 minute walk for instance.
  • Both strength and endurance training are an effective combination in accelerated weight loss, whilst aerobic exercise remains more effective in dropping body fat, strength training is important to incorporate to keep the body under constant strain.

How Often Should I Work Out?
Whilst various health and medical research institutions will recommend a set figure, such as 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week in order to promote healthy living benefits and prevent future weight gain, it is dependent upon the individuals needs and goals. The time you spend working out shouldn’t solely be based around a principle of Get in, Get out, but more so in understanding the benefits to prolonged periods of time exercising such as accelerated weight loss, anxiety reduction and maximizing health levels overall.

Improvements in body composition, cardiovascular health and cholesterol levels rely upon frequent application to make a substantial difference. The intensity and duration can and should be varied to keep your body guessing; and it is recommended that whilst cardio can be undertaken each day, strength training should not; in order to allow muscles to repair, rebuild and avoid over training.

How Do I Get Rid Of My Love Handles?
We’ve heard it all before; do some crunches, situps, they’ll tone you up real good! They’ll bring out your six pack! Possibly the greatest myth in the fitness industry is ‘spot reduction’ of fat and ‘spot toning’, we cannot isolate the areas in which we drop body fat; just as we can’t ‘transform’ muscle into fat. Devising a comprehensive cardiovascular training program is your best bet for removing love handles; many naturally carry more fat on their hips known as ‘love handles’ this fat is stubborn and can only be removed by dropping your overall body fat. This is made possible by eating at a caloric deficit and frequent exercise.

Despite not being able to spot reduce fat, there are other issues which occur due to aging, for instance, flabby arms are somewhat a product of age. Whilst it is possible to maintain a tight, toned physique through frequent exercise, aging effects are often difficult to reverse.

DumbbellsWhat Is The Difference Between Weight Machines And Free Weights?
Free weights (dumbbells and barbells) keep constant tension on the muscle throughout the exercises range of motion, whilst weight machines promote variable resistance, in that they have varying degrees of resistance throughout the movement. Machines are designed to encourage heavier weight use, and are often the safer alternative as they promote less joint stress and help pinpoint the weakest area in a lift and strengthen it – free weights help target those weak areas neglected by machines.

Free weights allow three dimensional movement, whereas machine weights limit movement solemnly to a single plane in most cases. Machine weights require the activation of only the major muscles in the movement, whereas the stabilization required for free weights activates other core and functional muscles.

I Have No Time To Workout, What Can I Do?
Despite the obvious answer of time management; in finding the time which many have and don’t realise, everyone can fit a simple workout into their regime. Organizing your day to allow various feats of exercise can be the answer, for instance undertaking moderate intensity training during walk breaks; you should be doing this regardless to offset the negative side effects of prolonged sitting. Taking breaks during work not only benefits you physically, but also mentally and enables a more stress free and refreshed working environment.

Replace your time in front of the television with an exercise regime, any change is a good one to your overall health and maximizing weight loss potential – small steps still bring you that much closer to achieving your goals and succeeding!

Small Steps To Success

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